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Organizational Change & Alignment


Services and Capabilities

  1. Organizational Change Management
  2. Organizational Alignment and Engagement
  3. Team Development & Coaching
  4. Change Readiness Assessment , Stakeholder Management , Communications Planning, Training

“If you build it, they will come” may work in the movies but it’s a shaky justification for a multi-million dollar corporate investment. Whether you are contemplating a reorganization, an acquisition, a business process redesign or a major technology implementation, the best way to safeguard your investment is to start by thinking through the impact on your stakeholders and proactively managing the human, behavioral side of change.
Allen Advisory’s approach to organizational change & alignment is collaborative and relies heavily on client participation and ownership of the process. We begin with a multi-stakeholder engagement review to develop and articulate a clear and compelling mandate for change. This is followed by research and planning. We conduct stakeholder interviews and change readiness assessments to understand diverse perspectives and aspirations, engage early adopters and advocates and identify potential resistance and barriers to change. Based on our findings we create detailed plans, customized for different stakeholder groups, including key messages, communication channels, roles and responsibilities, required competencies, training plans, timelines, and incentives to enable the change.

Change is an iterative process. During the implementation phase we focus on maintaining ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders and using their feedback – along with other qualitative and quantitative performance metrics – to adjust course, as necessary. At the completion of a project, we facilitate an “After Action Review” with our clients to cull lessons learned and identify any best practices that could be shared with others.

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