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Performance Improvement


Services and Capabilities

  1. Performance Management Systems Design
  2. Process Management & Reengineering
  3. Operational Improvement and Cost Reduction
  4. Financial and Operational Reporting and Close Processes
  5. Balanced Scorecard, Activity-Based Costing, Benchmarking, Process Mapping, SWOT analysis
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Improving organizational performance and effectiveness is at the top of most executives’ “to-do” lists. But achieving operational excellence requires, first and foremost, knowing where to focus. Which market segments, which functions and processes – in other words, which efforts will yield the greatest rewards?
Organizational excellence is the result of identifying the right priorities, creating efficient and effective processes, aligning the resources appropriately, leveraging the best tools and technologies, and tracking the most relevant metrics, which cascade through the organization. Successful execution results from clarifying your strategy, then linking it to people, processes and technology.
Allen Advisory Group begins any performance improvement project with a rigorous discovery and definition process to identify and quantify high-impact opportunities. Based on our findings and analysis, we work with our clients to create a compelling business case for the program and a team charter.
We use structured techniques such as process mapping and analysis and activity-based costing to identify improvement opportunities; we leverage industry benchmarks and best practices and apply balanced scorecard concepts to maximize stakeholder value
We have deep expertise in business enabling processes such as finance, HR, IT, marketing and communication – and a strong record in facilitating brainstorming sessions and workshops and bringing out the best in process improvement teams.

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