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Program Management


Services and Capabilities

  1. Program Management Office Development
  2. Stakeholder Alignment and Governance
  3. Project Management Support
  4. Systems Design and Implementation Support
  5. Project Planning, Issues and Risks Management, Decision Rights Analysis, Workstream Charter Development
Effective program management involves much more than ticking off boxes and logging deliverables. Allen Advisory’s goal in program management is to ensure that our clients get the maximum value out of their investment in any major program or series of projects – from new IT implementations, organizational change initiatives and business process improvement programs to post-merger integration projects.

Our approach is disciplined and results-driven. We bring program and project management tools along with the experience to ensure that success measures are identified, work plans and timelines established, roles and responsibilities clarified, and reporting mechanisms and dashboards implemented. We are disciplined, detailed and tenacious without losing focus on the overarching strategic goals. And we are empathic facilitators, always working to bring out the best in each team while anticipating and mitigating any potential obstacles or delays.

We serve as a bridge between work streams and stakeholder groups and between business units and information technology teams to ensure that everyone speaks the same language, understands how their contribution fits into the whole – and is empowered to deliver their best work in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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